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Metro Detroit Greens (Wayne, Oakland & Macomb Counties)

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Are You Green?

What's the point in joining the Green Party? Why not the Democrats, or even the Republicans? Quite simply, we don't believe the two big parties represent us. They are controlled by their fat-cat contributors, not by their constituency. Greens' politics are based and centered on our values. We believe in these values, and we practice what we preach.

Ecological Wisdom
More than recycling, this means living in harmony with our surroundings. Greens are not anti-technology, but we demand that the creators and users of technology take responsibility for its effects. We try to live lightly on the earth, and want to make it easier for others to do so as well.

Social Justice
The promises of our Constitution and society are meant for all people, regardless of our superficial differences. Everyone deserves the chance to live a healthy, meaningful life.

Grassroots Democracy
People have the right to, and capacity for, self-determination. In practice, Greens make decisions by voluntary consensus whenever possible.

Violence is morally wrong and logistically ineffective, because it treats the symptoms of problems, not the root causes. Greens support self-defense, but only narrowly defined.

Centralization has caused all manner of problems in modern society, because our elected officials are out of touch with those they supposedly represent. Greens believe that the closer decisions are made to those who will be affected by them, the better.

Community-Based Economics
Economics was originally meant to maintain the household, but today, has largely taken on the opposite meaning. Greens believe that the economy should be about individuals and families, not corporations, which are a legal fiction. We value people over profits, when the two conflict.

Greens are feminists, which means that we believe in the equality of women and men (regardless of sexual orientation). No one has the right to define or limit another person.

Respect for Diversity
In ecosystems, diversity is not a pleasant goal to be aspired to, it's a bedrock requirement. Similarly, in human relationships, Greens believe that diversity is both the cause and effect of a healthy society.

Personal & Global Responsibility
The more we learn about our planet, the more we learn that our actions have effects far away. We must be responsible, both socially and ecologically, to our neighbors next door and to our neighbors across the world. We believe in the slogan, "Think globally, act locally."

Future Focus/Sustainability
Similarly, we must consider the lasting effects of our actions. We must be responsible to our descendants. We must use resources in ways that do not use them up.

The question is not whether or not you should become a Green. Rather, the question is whether or not you're already a Green. If you believe in the values above, you are. If you act on them, you're already a part of the Green movement. By working together, we can accomplish more than any of us can do alone. By voting together, we can elect officials who embody and promote our values. The Greens are both a movement and a political party. Through electoral politics, we seek to facilitate responsible lifestyles, and put an end to ecological destruction and social injustice.

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