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Metro Detroit Greens (Wayne, Oakland & Macomb Counties)

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MDG On-line Bookstore

The Metro Detroit Greens does not have the resources to run its own bookstore but, as a partner with Powell's Books, we (and you) have access to a huge inventory of new and used and even rare books.

We could have done this with other dot-com services, but we like this one for several reasons. Powell's is a community bookstore, one of the attractions of Portland, not just a warehouse somewhere. They are likely to have a used copy of the book you are looking for (and they will tell you if they do), so you might save a buck or two. Powell's workers are unionized, represented by the ILWU. And it does not hurt that the 10 percent commission that Powell's will pay to the Metro Detroit Greens is a better deal than Amazon's.

The result is, if you were going to buy a book in any case, you can donate money to the Metro Detroit Greens without spending a cent extra. And we could really use the money.

The pricing, shipping, billing and so on are all handled by Powell's, not by us. These things are for you, Powell's and VISA to deal with. (We hope you are not using Master Card, since they were humorless enough to sue Ralph Nader during the Presidential campaign.)

Click to go to Powell's home page.

To go to Powell's home page, just click on the banner above. To search Powell's inventory, just enter your search terms in the space provided within the graphic below. But - and this is very important to us - please bookmark this page now, and return here to click your way to Powell's every time you go back.

If you come to this page and click to Powell's, they know to send us the commission on what you purchase. Next week, if you were to go back directly to Powell's to buy another book, we would not get the commission on that purchase. But next week, if you come here and click your way to Powell's, then we would get the money you want to donate to us. The cost to you is the same either way - they don't raise their prices for partner-referred customers. If you would like your on-line book purchases to support the Metro Detroit Greens, you have to come back to this page every time. We hope you will.

Metro Detroit Greens members please take note:
If you want to recommend a particular book, write up a description of the book and the reasons you recommend it. Bring your writing to a meeting for discussion. The group being agreeable, we will put your recommendation on the web, and we can link directly to the book at Powell's.

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