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Metro Detroit Greens (Wayne, Oakland & Macomb Counties)

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Cleaned up and reorganized January 27, 2001. Know of a link you would like to see here? Send us a note with the URL (and maybe a short description).

Green Party

Nader 2000 (We know the campaign is over, but the campaign highlights are still available here.)

Speaking of campaign highlights, the speech that Ralph Nader gave to the Economic Club of Detroit on October 10 is available from C-Span. Just enter "Nader" as the search term, and you will get a list of Nader's speeches, including this one, which you can view. The format is low-quality streaming video with a passably clear audio portion. I couldn't find a text version. If anybody is willing to transcribe the speech, please send me the text. Keep in mind he is talking to a room loaded with auto company executives when he tells them they should be sent to jail for corporate crimes. Ain't it cool?

Nader's Post-election Analysis (With a good deal of emphasis on the role of the commercial press, both print and broadcast, in shaping and controlling the presidential election.)

10 Things Wynona LaDuke Brings to the Green Party (The page of a California Green who has collected a great deal of information about Wynona LaDuke.)

The Green Party of Michigan (Go here for up-to-date information on Green Party contacts throughout Michigan.)

Greens/Green Party USA (The more "philosophical" national Green organization.)

Association of State Green Parties (The more election-oriented national Green organization.)

Green Party of Ontario

Green Stuff

Greendot - Gossip for Greens / Things That Matter
(modelled after Slashdot - News for Nerds / Things That Matter)

Goods for Greens (A Canadian source for 100% hemp hats, bumper stickers, buttons, posters.)

Northern Sun Merchandising (Their "Anti-Bush" section has a bumper sticker saying, "Don't blame me - I voted for Nader.")

Iron on decals for Nader t-shirts (free download and instructions)

Issues and Organizations

The Detroit newspaper official boycott is over, but the labor - management goes on. You can keep track at or

Ann Arbor Ecocenter

Great Lakes Radio Consortium (A good source for regional environmental news.)

Envir-Mich e-mail listserver (Another good source for regional environmental news.)

Environmental News Service (A good source for world and notional environmental news.)

Earth Action (To give you the flavor of the group, Leonardo DiCaprio speaks out against global warming.)

Anti-slavery on-line petition

Global Exchange

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)

The Michigan Chapter of NORML

Peace Action

American Civil Liberties Union

The Michigan Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union

The National Lawyers' Guild
The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) is a national organization concerned with creating and sustaining social change. The NLG currently has a growing membership of over 6,000 lawyers, law students, legal workers and jail-house lawyers organized into local chapters in all areas of the United States. Since its founding in 1937, the Guild has supported progressive change and served as an alternative to the more conservative positions of the larger Bar Associations.

Independent Progressive Politics Network
(read Leftists and Popular Movements by Ted Glick)

The Labor Party

Center for Voting and Democracy

Michigan Universal Health Care Access Network

Physicians for a National Health Program

Teamsters for a Democratic Union

Sweatshop Watch (A source of many anti-sweatshop links.)

National Labor Committee (A New York anti-sweatshop group.)

California Nurses Association (Early endorsers of Ralph Nader for President.)

Downwinders (A support and protest organization for families of radioactivity victims who lived downwind of America's nuclear test sites in Nevada and elsewhere.)


The Washington Post

The Nando Times (No frames version.)

The Christian Science Monitor

Metro Times Detroit

A list of liberal alternative media from Looksmart

Democracy Now!

The Common Dreams Newscenter

Green Journal

In these Times

Labor Notes

Public Relations Watch (Strictly speaking, an organization, but listed here under publications because the book Mad cow USA: Could the Nightmare Happen Here? is available as a free PDF downlad.)

Green Left Weekly (Out of Australia.)

Rachel's Environment and Health Biweekly (An outstanding resource for science fact and analysis.)

The Heat is On (An excellent source of information about global warming.)

Amazing NASA Photo of Earth at Night (A composite of course, because it is never actually night across the whole Earth at once. It is a big picture and a long download for a slow modem, but worth it.)

A Little Humor

Tom the Dancing Bug (Almost always political.)

Calvin and Hobbes (Not always political, but who cares?)

Michael Moore (Not always funny, but who cares?)

Billionaires for Bush or Gore (a parody of Republicrat supporters)

Useful Links for Policy Wonks

Thomas - U. S. Congress on the Internet has the full text and current status of bills under consideration in Congress. This web site is run by the Library of Congress. It also has links to the offices of the President and Senators and Representatives.

Michigan State Legislature, just in case you would like to contact a State Senator or Representative.

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