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Metro Detroit Greens (Wayne, Oakland & Macomb Counties)

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Green Party of Michigan State Quarterly Meeting

February 10th, 2001, 9a.m - 6p.m. (approximate ending time - registration begins at 8:30)

Location: The Nazareth complex/Borgess Health Ctr., 3299 Gull Rd, Kalamazoo.
Click here for area map. Click Here for detail map.

Cost: $10, which can be waived in case of financial hardship.

Lodging: The members of the Kalamazoo local are looking into providing low-or-no cost lodging. Details will be forthcoming.

To Register: Please email Party Manager Ray Ziarno at and Dawn McClain at with the following information:

Name & address
Email address
Local affiliation, if any
Membership status - are you a member of the state party?
Voting status - are you a voting member?*

*Voting memberships - to vote at the state Quarterly Meeting you must be a member of the state party and you must have attended one state meeting in the past four quarters (one year). These requirements can be waived at the discretion of the Party Manager - if you feel you ought to be able to vote at this Quarterly Meeting, please contact Ray Ziarno with an explanation of the efforts you have made on behalf of the party in the past year.

You may also mail your registration by post to: Dawn McClain, 14 Payeur Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48108.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have already registered but have not provided all of the above information, please contact Dawn McClain ASAP so that we have complete records!

If you would like to submit a proposal for consideration at the meeting, please email Ray Ziarno and Dawn McClain or mail your proposal to Dawn McClain. We are asking that all proposals be received no later than February 3rd to give sufficient time to formulate the agenda. There will also be limited room in the agenda to submit proposals the day of the meeting.

Volunteers Needed: Volunteers are needed for the following positions to help volunteers from the Kalamazoo local

Registration and setup: beginning at 8 a.m. on the day of the event, approximately 4-6 people needed

Time keepers: time keepers for the morning and afternoon segments

Note takers: In addition to Record Keeper Chris Vannier, we are seeking volunteers to take notes at each separate segment of the meeting to ensure completeness of our records.

Facilitators and Stackers: Experienced meeting facilitators are needed for both the morning and afternoon sessions. Party Manager Ray Ziarno will appoint facilitators from among the applicants for these positions

Clean up: All attendees will be asked to help, however it would be very helpful if 3-4 people volunteered to coordinate cleanup.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact Ray Ziarno and Dawn McClain

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