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Metro Detroit Greens (Wayne, Oakland & Macomb Counties)

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Winona LaDuke Speaks in Michigan

Monday, Nov. 20th in Kalamazoo

Time: 8:00 pm
Place: Stetson Chapel, Kalamazoo College.

Tuesday, Nov. 21st in Traverse City

Winona will be the keynote speaker at the NMEAC Environmentalist of the Year Awards/Dinner
Time: 6:00 pm
Place: Dome of Park Place Hotel, corner of Park St & State St., Downtown TC.
Cost: $12 at the door

Next MDG Meeting

The next meeting of the Metro Detroit Greens will be on Tuesday, Nov. 21, starting at 7:00, at Xhedos Cafe, on 9 Mile in Ferndale. Minutes from the November 14, 2000 meeting and the agenda for November 21 are posted. Please E-mail Priscilla Dziubek at for additions to the agenda.

More details on the WTO meeting in Cincinnati

This is not our thing - just passing that word.

The TABD is coming to Cincinnati November 16-18. The Coalition for a Human Economy CHE2000 is putting together one hell of a protest.

If you are wondering, the TABD is the Transatlantic Business Dialogue. It is designed to coordinate the U.S. and European trade agendas going into the WTO rounds. TABD works to make sure the policies and procedures of the WTO are (1) in U.S. and European interests and (2) are enacted.

They are considered, next to the WTO, the most influential economic group in the world. Their reason for existence: to liberalize trade and reduce and reduce all barriers to Big Business. The decisions made in Cincinnati in November will most likely be passed right through the next round of WTO talks.

Cincinnati is a conservative city. Chiquita banana's world headquarters are here (one of the worst human rights abusing corporations in the world) and for all you PETA members, Procter and Gamble's world headquarters are also here. Big business runs this city.

But it is easily rocked. Protests of 20 easily get news coverage here. This is the time my brothers and sisters! We need to send a message, these corporations can't hide. The nature of the protest is yet to be determined. But I believe there will be a few facets to it. We intend to make it ONE large action, not several.

If you want to look up the TABD check out It is their Web site. You will see how closely connected they are to the WTO. Let me know if you have questions.

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